These are my two furry babies sitting and listening for my next command…not a big deal today, thanks to Christi McKeen. I was at my wits end and thought I had tried everything to get my dogs to be obedient and to keep them from jumping all over those who paid a visit to our house.  Little did I know I was going about it the wrong way.

That all changed when I sought the help of Christi McKeen, a professional, certified dog trainer and behaviorist.  She not only corrected my dogs naughty behavior but more importantly she worked with me and my response to their behavior so that they would be more responsive to my commands and learn that jumping on people was “unacceptable” behavior.

Christi is a very knowledgeable, talented, passionate, professional in all aspects of dog training, her approach involves cruelty-free training (NO shock collars) and a positive, practical approach to behavior change among dogs and their owners. Willing to work with any and all dog types Christi is the BEST! 

My dogs LOVE her as do I.

Denise W. 


Christi McKeen helped me with my reactive pittie mix. She supplied me with the knowledge as to why she is reactive and the skills to help my dog become a better companion. She makes training fun for the dog and the human. She uses common sense training methods that make it easier to follow up on my own. 

Lori M.

Christi is a perfect mix of sternness and compassion that you look for in a trainer for your puppy. She helps you understand your dog’s behaviors/ cues and gives clear instructions on what to do. She is truly invested in your family succeeding with your puppy. She works with the whole family as consistency is key throughout although it can be hard as your puppy can he “so cute”- but she nicely keeps you on track! To know you have someone with such knowledge about behaviors, but also her love of animals is seen as she works with you- you just can’t go wrong.  Thank goodness for her during the first few months of having a puppy- she helped change bad behaviors quickly and was always available for that pep talk. She is truly gifted in what she does and any family would be lucky to have her there as a resource. 

Eileen L.

My husband and I called Christi for help with our 1yr. old chocolate lab and her pulling on walk issue.  Christi was able to offer multiple suggestions for us.  She was hands on-showing us exactly what we needed to do.  When I have questions, she is always available by phone or text.  Christi also came with toys and activities to help with puppy energy level.  So glad we called her! Fantastic help!!! 
Deborah and Charles E.

Daisey Mae absolutely loves our classes with Christi McKeen !

Lynne M.

With Christi’s knowledge and talent she was able to teach us the skills and patience to give Goose the confidence to enjoy life as our spoiled dog! Thank you Christi!

Cheryl C.

Christi has helped us SO much with our adopted hound and her leash reactivity. Shortly after adopting Lucy we noticed the reactivity  and asked our vet office for a trainer recommendation and they told us to give Christi a call and we haven’t looked back. There are some people who are lucky enough to find the career they were meant for and that couldn’t be more true for Christi. She explains everything in an easy to understand manner and she really gets dogs! We have made great strides with Lucy and can’t wait to continue working with Christi! 

Jessica M.