Small, completely supervised, weekly playgroups with indoor/outdoor access. Both you and your dog will meet cool, new friends! Weekly playgroups run about 50 minutes long. Requires an evaluation prior to attending, then you can come whenever you like. Initial Evaluation $30.00, playgroups $10.00 each time.

SUNDAYS MORNINGS at 9:30 AM – Small dog playgroup, generally under 40 lbs. Can get a little rowdy.

                                                10:30 AM – Large Dog Playgroup, generally over 40 lbs but you will find some hearty smaller dogs in this group also. Can be rowdy.

WEDNESDAY EVENING at 6:00 PM – Small dog playgroup. Usually a softer, gentler group of players. Good for puppies as well.

THURSDAY MORNINGS at 9:00 AM- Adolescents, mostly. Can be rowdy, but with clumsy dogs 😉



Monday and Wednesdays- For dogs 6+ months old and under 30 lbs.
Do you have difficulty getting your dog out for exercise every day? Are you worried that your dog is too isolated, and needs a few friends? Need a few hours to yourself every week? 
How about letting us pick up your dog at your home/office between 8-9 am, along with a handful more dog friends, and bring them to the training center for play and activities for a couple of hours? 
Here at the training facility your dog will enjoy playing with friends in a climate controlled building with access to a fenced outdoor area. In addition to play, your dog will have a chance to play on agility equipment, play with toys, explore scent tubes, and other novel activities. 
After 2+ hours of playgroup and activities, your dog and all his/her friends will be ready for a long nap. That is when we will deliver your best buddy back to your home/office between 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm, depending on what activities we are doing, traffic, weather, etc. You never have to leave your house or office and your afternoon with your dog should be calm and quiet having gotten all the zoomies out of them.

1st dog going both Monday & Wednesdays is $60.00 week            1st dog going 1 time per week is $35.00 ( Must use same day each week)

2nd dog going Monday & Wednesday is $50.00                                 2nd dog going 1 time per week is $30.00 (Must use same day per week)

***Monthly payment is due PRIOR to the first of every month to secure a place in the playgroup. Pick up and Drop off Service included in price.***

Why we are a better alternative to traditional Doggie Daycare

1) Owned and operated by Professional Dog Trainer/Behavior Consultant with 30 years in the field.– Currently, there are no requirements/expectations/experiences required to run playgroups.

2) Training incorporated in play. Good manners with humans and other dogs are positively reinforced throughout each session.

3) 2+ hours of play– Long enough to get a good work out; Short enough that they don’t get irritated with each other.

4) 7 dogs or less to every staff. Industry Standard is anywhere from 10 – 20 per staff.

5) Pick up/drop off service included in Fee. You don’t have to exercise your dog in inclement weather, or worry about getting it done after work. You can go out to lunch, run errands, finish a project or anything else you wish while your best friend is running around with their own friends.

6) Opportunities to explore novel items/play with interesting things. Staff may don funky hats or other garb, put agility equipment out, or pools in hot weather. We may toss 100 tennis balls out on the floor, put out scent tubes, or stop mid play and do a few minutes of training. Always, your dog choses to explore novel things, and participate in activities. We don’t push them to do things that make them uncomfortable. This helps build confidence and curiosity, particularly when they see other dogs engaged.

7) If you work, or will not be home when we pick up or drop off your dog, we have a key code system in place for keys kept on file in our possession. We can pick up/drop off your dog even when you are unavailable. We will let your dog into your home and put your dog in his/her crate if needed.

What else do you need to know

1) All new dogs will require an evaluation prior to participating. If your dog is a past/current playgroup pup, no evaluation is required. If you are not sure if your dog is dog friendly, give a call so we can discuss your situation. There is a $30.00 Evaluation Fee.

2) If weather is severe, we follow the Mashpee School System for delays or No School announcements. There is no reason to risk your pet’s life for playgroup while driving on difficult pavement. The charge for that day will be applied to the following month.

3) Your pet is required to be fully vaccinated INCLUDING Bortetella and rabies. They must have a clean, yearly fecal. Titers are allowed providing your veterinarian writes a letter on company letterhead. You must send in an updated copy every time your dog has a vaccine.

4) You must keep your dog on year round Flea/Tick preventative. Cape Cod often has active pests throughout our mild winter. Our winters do not freeze long enough to kill them.

5) Pets must be spayed/neutered. However, we do make some exceptions, depending on the individual dog, and the other dogs in the groups. A younger dog, not quite ready for spay/neuter, or one that has a health issue are a couple of exceptions. No intact dog can be in active heat, nor disruptive to the rest of the group.

6) Pick Ups/Drop Offs are fast because we don’t want to leave animals unattended in the van for very long. All dogs should have a collar or harness on with the leash by the door ready to go. If you need to have a long conversation, please call or text after 2pm, or email. All dogs ride in airline crates, strapped down in the van. If your dog is afraid of crates, we can come up with an alternate plan, such as using a harness clipped to a lead that is secured on the van. **** PICK UP/DROP OFF SERVICE TO THE FOLLOWING AREAS ONLY- Mashpee, Marstons Mills, Cotuit,Osterville, Sandwich, Falmouth (excluding Woods Hole), Cataumet****

7) If your dog is injured, we will call you right away, and bring your dog to your veterinarian, or alternatively to Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists in Buzzard’s Bay, whichever is quickest. You are responsible for all veterinary bills. When dogs play, or get the zoomies, they sometimes run into each other, or trip, or do other things that can cause a cut, or muscle pull, or some other mild injury. Inactive dogs that run around/play hard a couple of times a week in playgroups can get muscle strains.  Furthermore, while we screen dogs very well, sometimes a dog is going to irritate another dog and they can have a fight. They can be dogs that are best of friends 99% of the time, but one time be irritated with each other. Most fights are all loud noise and air snaps, occasionally it can be an actual fight. We do our best to redirect any particularly pesky friends, may briefly time out a dog, or will screen out a dog that is scrappy. 

7) We do carry small water bottles, which are used sparingly. We prefer to interrupt unwanted behavior just by walking towards dog/dogs in question. We will do everything we can to help a dog learn appropriate social skills, but if they are continuously disruptive, they will be screened out. Dogs that mark must wear a belly band or diaper.