For behavioral, training, or activities done in the privacy of your own home, or at the training studio. Please note that certain behavioral issues, such as resource guarding, territorial issues, neighborhood disputes, house soiling/destruction, separation anxiety, excessive barking, among others must be addressed in the home.

At Home-Initial Session 90 minutes plus 60 minute follow-up session  $250

Subsequent Sessions 1 hour $100

At Training Studio- Initial Session 90 minutes plus 60 minute follow up session $200

Subsequent Sessions 1 hour $80

                                                      *****Payment will be made in whole, the day of the first session.*********



PUPPY PRIMER 8 weeks – 4 1/2 months- Start your puppy off right with a mix of social, obedience, and manners training for your pup and a support group for you! This extra long class (10 weeks) will address issues such as impulse control, attention, crate training, mouthing, manners, and tolerating handling before he’s just too much to handle. The basic training foundations- Sit, Down, Settle, Stay, and Come will be introduced, as will the foundations for a Loose Leash Walk. Finally, puppies will be allowed to have a short play session at the end of each class, providing puppies are suitable playmates. You will be encouraged to join a private Facebook group, which will address your concerns and questions once a week, for all ten weeks.

10 weeks/50 minute classes


PUPPY PRIMER Drop-In– 8 weeks – 4 1/2 months- Evening drop-in playgroup/socialization time, this group is for you!

Wednesday Evenings 6:00 – 6:50.

Ongoing/50 minutes

$10 each

LIFE SKILLS I – 4 months +  This class is for puppies/adults that have little to no formal training. Working on obedience commands, impulse control, and good manners, your dog will learn Sit/Stay (3+ minutes), Down/Stay (3+ minutes), Free (releasing the dog from commands), Come, as well as Loose Leash Walk or Heel. Settling, Handling, Manners, will also be addressed. Please expect to do “homework” in 5-10 increments throughout each day.

8 weeks/50 minute classes


LIFE SKILLS II – 6 months + This is for dogs/puppies that have completed Life Skills 1, either with me or with another trainer. Working on the same commands/manners as in Life Skills 1, however, we will add distractions, distance, and different handlers. At the end of class, all dogs/puppies should be able to Settle, Sit/Stay, Down/Stay for up to 15 minutes with distractions, 1/2 hour or more without distractions. Loose Leash Walking or Heel for longer durations and with few, if any mistakes is the goal in this class, along with tolerating a veterinary exam/grooming. You should continue to practice skills learned in Life Skills 1, adding duration and simple distractions, as it will make homework for this class a breeze.

8 weeks/50 minute classes


Life Skills III – 9 months + – This is for dogs/puppies that have completed Life Skills 2 with me. You will learn all the skills learned in Life Skills 2 off leash. Please continue to practice skills learned in Life Skills 2 to make homework for this class easier.

8 weeks/50 minute classes


LOOSE LEASH WALK- Do you dread walking your dog? Have you literally been dragged through the mud? Would you like to finally enjoy walking/hiking with your dog without worrying that you will eventually need Rotator Cuff surgery? This class also meets weekly in a private FB group for any questions or problems that arise while working with your dog.

5 weeks/50 minutes 


PLAYGROUPS- Dogs/puppies usually broken up into groups by size. However, depending on play style, may be better suited to a different group. You will be interviewed prior to your dog coming in for an evaluation. Evaluation to determine dog sociability. Current clients are not required to be Interviewed/Evaluated as long as their puppy/dog is suitable for playgroups. Initial Interview/Evaluation $30.00

Ongoing/50-minute session

$10 each 

Non-Competitive Nose Work – Does your dog spend half her life nose to the ground, or searching for crumbs in the couch cushions? Does your dog need to focus more? Scent training might be what you are looking for. This teaches the basics so that you and your dog can “Search” for fun indoors and out.

6 weeks/50 minutes 



** Please note that for Onsite Services, all dogs over 5 months must show proof being current on all core vaccines plus Bordetella/Kennel Cough and Rabies. They must also have a clean fecal yearly, and be on flea/tick preventative. Puppies under 5 months must have had 2 series of core vaccines, a clean fecal, and Rabies by 5 months. These must be administered under the care of a licensed veterinarian, no self-administered vaccines. If your dog cannot have vaccines due to a health issue, a titer/veterinary letter may be suitable.